Our platform has the ability to integrate into and enhance multiple industries.

Choose Your Industry

Rabbit provides services to industries all across the board. Our integrative platform can easily be integrated into your business and increase your customer loyalty. Select an industry to see how we can serve your business needs.


Rabbit can assist healthcare facilities by tracking all your expensive equipment, as well as, monitoring patients and staff.

Offices & Facilities

You can increase safety and efficiency in your business by providing a seamless experience from check-in to check-out. Rabbit makes sure that employees’ and visitors’ demands are met as soon as possible. When visitors arrive, Rabbit gives the ability to deliver the best possible service with minimal disruptions thanks to proprietary Rabbit Mesh technology.


Know exactly when and where your shipment of precious goods is at any time through the shipping process, from boat to plane to truck to your store, Rabbit keeps track of your goods anywhere on the globe. Keep tabs of your backroom storage to seamlessly find what the consumer needs, providing better customer service.


Air travel can be tedious and exhausting – you can increase loyalty by providing a seamless passenger experience from check-in to landing. Rabbit makes sure that customers’ demands are met as soon as possible. Never lose a customer’s luggage or valuables with global tracking solutions.

Stadiums & Arenas

Monitor the flow of traffic with Rabbit’s live arrival feed app. You’ll be alerted when VIP guests, Premium Clients, and C-Suite Executives are about to enter your premises, so you can welcome them personally. Deliver the unique experience that will impress all visitors and drive them back for future events.


Restaurants thrive on their returning customers. With your great food, you want to make sure that diners are coming back again and again. With Rabbit, you can foster that loyalty by ensuring that your customers’ needs are met as soon as possible.

Fitness Centers

Whether a customers’ in for cardio, strength-building, or conditioning, they like to know that their presence is appreciated, and their needs are being met. With Rabbit, you can ensure that your customers have the help they need with any machine or workout regimen.


It’s also about the team that makes great guest experiences possible. With Rabbit, you can focus on the activities that matter most, such as linen management, cleaning staff monitoring, and automated tasking. This way, you can improve both staff and customer satisfaction by monitoring where staff and materials are located in real time.

College & Universities

With Rabbit, colleges and universities will be brought into the future. Student IDs will be on their phones allowing them to accessdoors and buildings according to their clearance. Getting around campus will be made easy and interactive with the app’s mapping systems, not only for students, but visitors as well.