Wirepas Go Conference 2018

Last week, members of the MyRabbit team travelled to Helsinki, Finland to attend the second annual Wirepas Go Conference. MyRabbit Vice President Tim Goodwin, and Project Manager Zach Steinberg were invited to represent the company as members of the Wirepas Ecosystem. Wirepas is an IoT company that enables wireless IoT networking at a massive scale and partners with a wide array of companies helping to advance the IoT industry across the board. This was an amazing opportunity for networking and provided extremely useful information through speeches and panel discussions that our team members look forward to implementing.


The conference took place over a span of three days and started with a networking reception around Wirepas Mesh. This was a great opportunity for everyone to get settled in and introduce themselves and catch up with partners and customers in a relaxed setting. This first evening was headlined by a visit to the Sky Bar on the 16th floor of the Clarion Hotel where everyone enjoyed great scenery over the night sky of a vivacious Helsinki.


Day two of the conference began with the opening speeches from Wirepas CEO Teppo Hemia speaking on the growth of the Wirepas ecosystem since the last conference, where the company doubled their revenues, headcount, and partner list. With more than 100% growth across many metrics, Wirepas is making waves in the scaling of IoT applications and MyRabbit is proud to be a partner of that. Richard Kinder, the Head of Product Marketing for Wirepas spoke next on how the trend in IoT is moving from demos and prototypes to massive scale production. Following another networking session, the conference took a boat ride to the island of Lonna, where everyone participated in team activities and further networking discussions.


MyRabbit was proud to be selected to present a demo to the entire conference. The Rabbit team demonstrated our Asset Tracking solution for the conference goers and showed off our portal that utilizes the Wirepas Mesh.


The final day of the conference included Teppo Hemia emphasizing the opportunity of building solutions with fellow partners and improving IoT collaboration within the industry. Youssef Kamel and Jani Vehkalahti closed out the conference by highlighting the successes of Wirepas partners and leaving everybody with a positive outlook for the future.


MyRabbit is looking forward to taking advantage of this opportunity to build upon the connections made at the conference to develop better and more intuitive solutions for our customers and the IoT industry.